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Where to Drink Coffee in Porto | 6 Best Porto Cafés

Where to Drink Coffee in Porto | 6 Best Porto Cafés

Today’s post was written in collaboration with the folk over at The Apartment on Silveira, a blog about all things Portugal and Airbnb. If you are planning a trip to Portugal any time soon and you’ve landed on our page, chances are this is for you. For the full list of Porto cafes check the original post over at their blog titled, Where to Drink Coffee in Porto | 10 Best Porto Cafés.

cappuccino coffee on table

Morning Coffee at Combi Roasters

I’m not one of those people who can resist the allure of a good café. While I don’t fit the stereotypical mold of a specialty coffee snob with a handlebar mustache or a fixie bike, I definitely fall somewhere on the coffee-lover spectrum. For me, the best way to explore any new city is to discover the local cafe culture and nearby coffee shops.

Luckily, Porto is a city not without its cafes & coffee drinkers. So, if you take your morning cup-of-joão seriously, we’ve done the research for you.

Also, be sure to save our Porto Coffee Guide on Google Maps for easy access to all the best Porto Cafés!

The 6 Best Cafes in Porto

1. Combi Roasters

R. do Morgado de Mateus nº29, 4000-334 Porto, Portugal

Cappuccino Cost (CC): 2.50

Nestled in Porto’s Bolhao neighborhood, Combi Roasters is the perfect spot to kick off your cafe-hopping adventure in Porto. The café offers a variety of specialty coffees, all roasted on-site, as well as a selection of cakes and salty breakfast items for a light morning feast. Combi’s interior feels natural and cozy with warm wooden furniture and tons of green plants filling the space.

Café vibe & Co-work: Combi is the ideal coffee hangout to catch up with a friend over an avocado toast or do an hour of admin work on your laptop. With an open entrance of chairs and benches spilling into the sidewalk of its quiet street location on Rua do Morgado, you can grab a cool seat close to the bar or catch some afternoon sun.

coffee and water glass on table at Combi Roasters

A cold americano (pre-pour) at Combi Roasters

2. Fábrica Coffee Roasters (the one on Rua de José Falcão 122)

R. de José Falcão 122, 4050-315 Porto, Portugal

Cappuccino Cost (CC): 2.80

Fábrica currently houses three locations across the city, all with a different vibe. The one at José Falcão 122 in Porto’s Cedofeita neighborhood is housed in a former industrial space and is a must-visit for any coffee-lover. Whether you’ve journeyed here for some deep work, a cold coffee in the garden, or a quiet refuge from a day of uphill walking, the space at Fabrica Roasters is beautifully laid out to accommodate. The café’s exceptional coffee and decor make it a great spot for a quick caffeine fix, while the small menu of toasties and pastries will keep you fueled for hours. If you’re just looking for a small bite and an espresso, the café’s croissants are unmatched.

Café vibe & Co-work: Despite not having WIFI when we were there, this café is still a great place for digital nomads and remote workers. There are tons of different seating options for moving around throughout the day and as the café is quite spacious, there are many quiet areas to call and do deep work.

On top of coffee, Fabrica also sells some cool in-store merch and I’ve been delighted to see a few people outside of Portugal repping ‘Fabrica Coffee Roasters’ T-shirts.

Interior space at Fábricas José Falcão location

Interior Space at Fábrica’s José Falcão location

3. SO Cafe (the one on Largo dos Loios 89)

Largo dos Lóios 89 Primeiro Andar, 4050-338 Porto, Portugal

Cappuccino Cost (CC): 2 .50

This little coffee spot is central but still easy to miss. Nestled on the second floor of The Feeting Room on Largo dos Loios 89, SO Café is the perfect place to knock out some boutique shopping while also enjoying a quiet coffee in a cozy loftspace.

After a morning of sightseeing in Porto, I was happy to sit with my cappuccino overlooking the square while my partner, Shay, split off to browse their boutique shop.

Café vibe & Co-work: Though this location is less suited to deep remote work, I could definitely see myself editing photos on my Ipad or checking emails with a coffee. With a small selection of snacks including cookies, cheesecake, croissants, and overnight oats, this is not a place to come hungry but is wonderfully suited to late mornings or early afternoons.

For those, in Cedofeita neighborhood you can also find their original location and roastery on Rue de Sa Noronha 119, coincidently a block away from another ‘The Feeting Room’ location.

SO Roasters Interior Porto

Loft space at SO Cafe on Largo dos Lóios

4. Majestic Café

R. de Santa Catarina 112, 4000-442 Porto, Portugal

Cappuccino Cost (CC): €4.50

A true Porto institution, the Majestic Café has been serving up coffee and pastries since 1921. The ornate decor and Belle Epoque atmosphere make it a popular tourist spot and their prices reflect it. Though None the less, it’s a beautiful interior and is a famed writing spot of JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series.

If you are a lover of JK Rowling’s books, Majestic Cafe and Livraria Lello are both ‘bound’ to be on your list when visiting Porto. Between the two, I would recommend visiting Majestic Cafe as the wait in line is generally shorter and the cafe is said to have inspired some of the interiors described in her books. If you’re eager to visit, come here in the afternoon after you’ve already had a coffee.

Café vibe & Co-work: The vibe at Majestic Café is definitely touristy. This is a space that receives hundreds of daily visitors who want to sit in a space where JK Rowling sat and admire the interior. While no one would likely confuse this café for a co-working space, it’s a great visit for solo travelers who want to enjoy a few chapters of a book or do some writing / drawing.

Majestic Cafe Porto Interior

Majestic Café a famed writing spot of JK Rowling

5. Eleven Lab

R. de José Falcão 138 144, 4050-315 Porto, Portugal

Cappuccino Cost (CC): €2.60

Another café for the shoppers and fashionistas.

If you’re looking for a more boutique café experience, check out Eleven Lab in Porto’s Cedofeita neighborhood. Like SO Café, this coffee spot is also upstairs from a Feeting Room store location — LOT (Labels of Tomorrow). However, unlike SO Café, this location is much larger, representing a wider range of global and local fashion designers and curated art.

Eleven Lab’s elegant decor (dating back to 1895) and selection of single-origin coffees make it a popular spot for shoppers and coffee enthusiasts. This café is relatively quiet and relaxed, making it a great place to wind-down, relax, edit photos or search for evening dinner spots.

Café vibe & Co-work: I wouldn’t recommend this spot as a great place for remote working. With later opening hours starting from 10:30am and it’s array of cocktails, bowls, and breakfast options this space is much more suited to brunch with friends than early morning zoom calls.

Eleven Lab Cafe and Shop Interior

Brunch and coffee at the opening of Eleven Lab

6. Café a Brasileira

R. de Sá da Bandeira 91, 4000-427 Porto, Portugal

Cappuccino Cost (CC): €3.40

Another historic Porto monument, Café a Brasileira opened its doors in 1903 and has been a gathering place for artists and intellectuals ever since. Today, it’s still a great spot for coffee and people-watching, and the outdoor seating area is a popular spot to relax on a sunny day. This spot is less for the ‘third wave’ coffee folks than it is for the architecturally inspired. Café a Brasileira hosts a grandiose atmosphere and catches beautiful midday sun (sunshine and coffee sold separately).

Café vibe & Co-work: In addition to it’s coffees, teas, and hard drinks, the café offers an assortment of traditional cafe foods like tapas, burgers, and soups. Due to lack of outlets, this space may be less suited to remote work but has a great atmosphere and light for a short interview or video call.

Cafe a Brasileira Interior

Afternoon light at Café a Brasileira


From the historic charm of Café a Brasileira to the modern sophistication of Eleven Lab, these ten cafés offer something different for each visitor. Whether you’re a traveler looking to soak up some of Porto’s history or a local in search of your new favorite spot, these cafes are sure to impress. So the next time you’re in Porto, be sure to check out one (or all!) of these top-notch coffee shops!

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