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The Local Coffee Scene in Cave Creek, Arizona

The Local Coffee Scene in Cave Creek, Arizona

The Local Coffee Scene in Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona is home to a bustling local coffee culture. This close-knit community has several excellent specialty coffee shops and roasters that are beloved by residents and visitors alike. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore what makes the Cave Creek coffee scene so unique and lively.

A Bit of History

Cave Creek has had a longstanding culture around locally-owned cafes and coffeehouses. Back in the 2000s, spots like Cave Creek Coffee Company were community hubs serving up premium drinks and hosting live music nights.

Although places have come and gone over the decades, the town continues to support independent coffee shops that brew up quality beans and create a welcoming, down-to-earth vibe. The temperate climate and natural desert scenery also provide a relaxing backdrop for enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

Local Roasters

One hallmark of Cave Creek’s coffee culture is the focus on local roasting companies. Having roasters nearby allows shops to serve up beans at peak freshness.

Press Coffee Roasters

Press is a family-owned roasting company founded in Phoenix, AZ in 2011. They now supply many restaurants and cafes around the state, including several shops in Cave Creek.

Press crafts small batch roasts and has direct relationships with coffee growers to source beans. They emphasize balancing sweetness, acidity, and body in the roast profiles. Fans rave about their espresso blends and single origin offerings.

Desert Rock Coffee

Desert Rock opened their micro roastery in Cave Creek in 2017. They source ethically-grown coffee beans from Central and South America and handle small batches for ultimate freshness.

Their collection includes single origin coffees like Aztec Gold from Mexico as well as signature blends like Saguaro Sling. Desert Rock focuses on light and medium roast profiles to highlight the natural flavors of each bean.

Favorite Local Shops

From cozy cafes to bustling breakfast spots, Cave Creek has an array of places to get your coffee fix handled by skilled baristas.

Coffee Rush

This energetic shop in downtown Cave Creek serves up Press coffee drinks, breakfast sandwiches, and homemade pastries. Coffee Rush has a modern, industrial vibe with indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Their talented baristas can whip up specialty lattes like the Cave Creek Mocha with chocolate and chili pepper sprinkles. Food highlights include breakfast burritos and waffles.

Desert Oasis Coffee & Creamery

For a true local favorite, visit the Desert Oasis coffee bar inside the beloved Sugar Bowl ice cream parlor. Their skilled baristas use Desert Rock coffee to prepare perfect cappuccinos and cold brew.

Desert Oasis also serves coffee cocktails like espresso martinis and coffees paired with Sugar Bowl ice cream for affogatos. It’s a sweet coffee lover’s paradise!

The Horny Toad

The Horny Toad restaurant is a Cave Creek institution known for its funky decor and lively environment. Their coffee program brews Southwest Coffee Importers beans and offers specialty drinks like orange clove lattes and mochas with ghost pepper cream.

Along with coffee, guests love the hearty brunch options like chorizo breakfast tacos and buenos dias burritos.

The Cave Creek Coffee Culture

The close-knit feeling among local businesses helps define the Cave Creek coffee culture. Baristas here are passionate about making the perfect cup with care and pride. Neighbors chat over coffees served in handmade mugs as classic rock plays in the background.

Coffee shops support other local artists, farmers, and entrepreneurs to help keep the town unique and thriving. Next time you are in the area, visit several spots to experience the warm, welcoming spirit of Cave Creek’s coffee community for yourself.

Coffee Classes and Workshops

To promote coffee education, some spots in Cave Creek offer classes for the public. This is a great way to engage enthusiasts who want to refine their brewing skills.

Roasting Workshops at Desert Rock Coffee

The team at Desert Rock enjoys sharing their roasting knowledge. They host classes in their micro-roastery to give people a behind-the-scenes look.

In the Roasting 101 class, attendees learn about different roast styles and get to try their hand at roasting a batch of beans. The intermediate class dives deeper into cupping and tasting profiles. Visitors will gain a hands-on experience and appreciation for the art of roasting.

Latte Art Workshops at Coffee Rush

Many people love the visual beauty of latte art – the patterns made by pouring steamed milk into espresso. Coffee Rush offers weekend workshops for latte art techniques.

Participants learn how to steam and texture milk properly, then practice pouring basic designs like hearts and rosettas. The classes help baristas polish their presentation skills. Visitors also get to sample the coffees and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Home Brewing Demos at The Horny Toad

For those looking to elevate their at-home coffee routine, The Horny Toad hosts monthly home brewing demonstrations.

The classes cover topics like:

  • How to choose the right manual brewing devices like pour over, AeroPress, or French press
  • Proper grinding techniques for different methods
  • Brew ratio fundamentals – coffee to water measurements
  • Enhancing flavor with variables like water temperature and extraction time

Guests get to taste test during the demos to experience how each factor impacts the finished coffee. The relaxed, conversational classes aim to make specialty coffee less intimidating.

Annual Cave Creek Coffee Festival

To celebrate all things coffee, the town hosts the annual Cave Creek Coffee Festival each fall. This event brings the community together to enjoy coffee, food, music, and fun.

Some highlights include:

  • A coffee-inspired car show featuring vehicles like Volkswagen coffee buses
  • Live music from local bands all weekend long
  • Coffee tastings and pairings with local bakeries and restaurants
  • Latte art and home barista contests with prizes
  • Roasting machine demos and factory tours
  • New cold brews, coffee cocktails, and desserts to sample
  • Photo ops with coffee-themed backdrops and props

The festival has a lively, welcoming energy that embodies the spirit of Cave Creek’s coffee culture. It’s the perfect weekend to visit and get a true taste of the town’s passion for amazing coffee.

Cave Creek Coffee Shops are Brewing up Quality

From long-time local joints to new specialty cafes, there are many excellent options for getting your coffee fix in Cave Creek. The town remains loyal to independent businesses that serve amazing drinks while fostering community.

Next time you find yourself needing a coffee, be sure to stop by one of Cave Creek’s fantastic local hot spots and taste for yourself why this scene is so vibrant!